Repeat Prescriptions

How to Order your Prescription


You can manage your repeat prescriptions online through the NHS App or SystmOnline services.

Request your prescription – For patients who don’t have an online services account.

Order Medication

Please complete the online form below to request a repeat prescription.

Date of Birth
Email Address

Enter each medication and strength on your prescription



You can request your prescription by phoning our main phone number between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday.

In person

You can also request repeat prescriptions by leaving the prescription at Reception or by leaving the repeat request in the prescription request box.

When will it be ready?

Please leave 48 hours or two working days from the time of your request for your prescription to be ready for collection.

This means that:

  • Request on Monday available after 4.00pm on Wednesday
  • Request on Tuesday available after 4.00pm on Thursday
  • Request on Wednesday available after 4.00pm on Friday
  • Request on Thursday available after 4.00pm on the following Monday
  • Request on Friday available after 4.00pm on the following Tuesday

Prescription Costs

Although most NHS treatment is free, there are still some costs you might need to pay, for example, to get your prescriptions or to travel to your hospital appointment.

Find out how you could get help to pay for these health costs.

Additional Information

If you have not had the prescription for a long time, for example, over a year, please speak to reception or make an appointment rather than just requesting the medication(s).