Online Access To Medical Records

Centre Medical Centre has an obligation under new NHS rules to provide online access to detailed coded medical records for our patients.

If you have already registered for online access then Click Here to access your medical records online.

Alternatively, call us and ask a member of our reception team to get you registered for this service.

We keep records about your health to enable you to receive the care and treatment that you need, now and in the future.  This information is personal to you and all our staff have a duty to keep it confidential. This confidentiality means that only the information which is essential is used and will only identify you where it is absolutely necessary.

Health records will be kept both on paper and on computer files.  The purpose for which some of the information in your health record may be used can include:

Review or survey by doctors, nurses and other health professionals of the care they provide to ensure that it is of the highest standard.
Management of the National Health Service, for example planning local requirements, investigating complaints, reviewing how effective services are.

Education and training of doctors, nurses and other health professionals.
Approved research and audit into health and health service monitoring and promoting the health of the public.  For some types of research we may get in touch with you and ask you to complete questionnaires or confirm additional details.

Where appropriate we may also provide your details to the local authority Social Services department to enable them to provide you with appropriate social care and on rare occasions it may also be necessary to give information to the Courts, following receipt of a Court Order requiring disclosure.

Doctors, dentists, nurses and other health professionals are encouraged to share with you the information they record.  You, of course, have a legal right of access to your own health record (subject to certain limitations laid down by Parliament).  If you wish, your relatives, friends or carers can be kept up-to-date with the progress of your treatment – In this instance we will need your written permission so that we know we are giving your information to the correct person or people.  

Many primary care services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough use a secure electronic health record system called SystmOne.  This is now the system we use at Central Medical Centre. Your health record held on SystmOne includes your medical history, details about your medication and any allergies you may have.  With your permission, this system can allow clinicians to share your full record held at one service with other healthcare services who are providing care for you. These other services will ask your permission to view your record.